Friday, April 18, 2008

Tamia - Tamia (Senza Tempo) (DOWNLOAD)

A lost NWW gem, I'm not aware of this ever being available anywhere. French album from T records (Tapioca records?) that was connected to the legendary Pole records. Lyricless vocal-only experiments (for the most part), sometimes solo, sometimes with a group. Sometimes eerie, sometimes ominous, but always emotionally effective.



Anonymous said...

Great! I've never heard this one! Thanks. Will keep an eye on your promising new blog.

frank4 said...

first of all, thank you for your beautiful blogs and for the wonderful music you share.

it seems that the Tamia album is not "Senza Tempo" but "Tamia", i think that are two different album.
Also the cover are different.

Tamia 1979
T 1001

Senza Tempo 1981
T 1002
01 - Madrugada
02 - Appels
03 - Out Of Air
04 - Lamento
05 - Stray Wind
06 - Dance
07 - Dance Pour Une Etoile


Andy said...

Thank you I actually never thought I would find this, which indeed is the much more rare first LP by Tamia from 1979.

If this is your vinyl rip, could you please write who the performers are from the back of the LP sleeve?


thunderperfectmind said...

i always had the idea (for some reason) that senza tempo was T1001, and so i figured this one was it. after doing a google search it looks like you're right though, frank.

recorded: january 1978, Paris and Guerville
Produced by Tamia
Engineer: Daniel Deshays
Cover Design: Gerard Leveille
Front cover photo: Rosine Nusimovici
Back cover photo: Germaine Lot
All titles composed by Tamia. All pieces sung by Tamia. And in First Polyphony, together with:
Pierre Charpy, Martine Chouraqui, Benedicte de la Commune, Rosine Gamblin, Colin Harris, Yves Lartigue, Philippe Laurent, Beatrice Lefevre, Annick Mevel Dominique Montain, Helene Noyer, Henri Ogier, Angele Saul, Daniel Schropfer, Denise Schropfer, Bernard Vitet.

of whom vitet is the only one that catches my eye.

gamilan said...

Thanks, thats fantastic!

Does anybody have 'Senza Tempo', her 2nd album?

Here is her first album with Pierre Favre:

Tamia & Pierre Favre - Blues For Pedro Arcanjo

1. Traumbaum 6:59
2. Ceux du Soleil 4:31
3. Noon Moon 4:25
4. Poco a Poco 5:18

5. Chant d’Exil 7:51
6. Blues for Pedro Arcanjo 7:27
7. Sommeil de Pierre 2:33

© 1983 T Records / T-Gem 1003 / LP / 39:07
320 kbps lame q2


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