Friday, April 18, 2008

Iannis Xenakis - Album 2 (DOWNLOAD)

Iannis Xenakis - Not much more to be said. Someone gave me this album a long time ago as a gift. It's probably available elsewhere but I thought I'd share anyway. As far as I know these pieces aren't on CD. A great collection from a great composer.

Side A
Polla Ta Dhina for Children's Chorus and Orchestra (1962)
ST/10=1-080262 for Ten Instruments (1956-1962)

Side B
Akrata for 16 Wind Instruments (1964-1965)
Achorripsis for 21 Instruments (1956-1957)



Anonymous said...

I bought this after seeing Xenakis as a featured speaker, when I was a freshman in college. His music made my head hurt (volume was an issue), Nonetheless, I was intrigued.

Akrata is definitely recorded elsewhere; I *think* Achorripsis and ST/10 are as well, but I'm not so certain. I am unaware of another released recording of Polla Ta Dhina. He uses the children's chorus brilliantly and is absolutely worth a listen. I also like Akrata.


Anonymous said...

Your rip does not include ST10.

thunderperfectmind said...

ah, it doesn't! i'm not sure exactly how that happened. i ripped the vinyl, then moved the files around a bit; perhaps it got deleted/lost somewhere along the way. i'll re-rip that track.