Monday, April 14, 2008

An Explanation

The name of the blog, Locales for Ecstasy, I feel, is the most appropriate
I could have used. The phrase is taken from the name of an album by a small improv group known as Trans Museq, buts its use here lies in the meaning of the phrase
itself, and is disassociated from that album and that group. To take the phrase
piece-by-piece, a locale is, as defined by the American Heritage

A place, especially with reference to a particular event

and ecstasy is

the frenzy of poetic inspiration, OR
mental transport or rapture from the contemplation of divine things.

This blog deals with a great many things - music, art, writing, the occult,
science, religion, and philosophy, to name a few - but the thing connecting
them all is that which the phrase LOCALES FOR ECSTASY illuminates: each post,
let alone each paragraph, is its own LOCALE, its own little point in the
space of intellectual and explorative realms, providing an experience, upon
understanding, that can lead to ecstasy (that is, a catharsis of poetic
inspiration, or an epiphany due to contemplation). Take that as you will -
metaphorically, or literally. To be succinct,

This blog is all about curiosity. It is about experimentation. It is about
progressive thought and free speech. It is about creativity. It is about
life and joy and self-improvement. It is also an experiment in discussion and thinking.

Let me tell you where I am coming from. This is one of the few things I
will tell you about myself. The internet, like the publishing of
periodicals and books, offers a certain advantage to the author if he or
she is so inclined to take it: complete anonymity. And anonymity ensures no
prejudice, conscious or subconscious, based upon superficial details, such as race, sexuality,
religion, age, appearance or manner of being. You can judge me and anyone
else who comes to this blog only upon my interests and what I have to say -
which is exactly as it should be.

Back to my purpose. I am an extremely progressive thinker. I believe
human rights and the search of knowledge to be of utmost importance. I
believe knowledge should be made as widely available as possible. I am also
an extremely disillusioned person. I have rejected everything, and taking a
"stance from nowhere", I want to re-evaluate. I am an explorer. Unlike most, I have almost no truly concrete opinions of my own - I am willing to change the way I think with opposing evidence. I believe in logic and reason and not emotion. Reason is the greatest gift we have.

And that is about all I will tell you.

In the succeeding posts, I will explore various ideas - most of which are
obscure, experimental, or in some way different, each its own little
"mindbomb" - its own LOCALE FOR ECSTASY. I want to scour the underbelly of
society - I want all of its secrets to be known utterly and kept hidden no
longer. You will find these LOCALES appear in my posts. Maybe you'll get
something out of them too - hell, I figure if I'm going to do a lot of
work searching for satisfaction and contemplation, I might as well make it public, right? Perhaps you'll get something out of it too. This is also a place to DISCUSS - many ideas appear only due
to the processing of or the assocation with others, and those associations need to be revealed.

And that's about all you need to know about this blog! :)

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