Monday, April 14, 2008

Now Let's Be More Realistic

The last post was pretty nice, but a bit idealistic. Let's get down to what this site is actually going to entail (as far as I can tell so far)...

The whole idea of "locales for ecstasy" and a search for knowledge due to disillusionment is basically the root cause of the creation of this blog. But it doesn't really describe content.

See, I plan on searching through a lot of different subjects, but I can already tell they're not gonna get represented equally. Music is one of my core interests, especially EXPERIMENTAL music, and so you'll probably see a lot of posts about that, but it's a rather specific field. I've been getting interested in a lot of religious and occult stuff lately but I know little about it (though I don't believe in almost any of it). So you might see a lot of that too. The same goes for Surrealism. However, my interests change rapidly. You're going to see a lot more than that. But everything you see is going to be something obscure or just different. That's the point - to discover everything that society has forgotten about or simply tried to shamelessly hide.

This blog is half personal and half public. If it comes off as amateurish or even ignorant at times, it's supposed to be. Some of it is more professional and sophisticated - articles and essays and the like - but quite a lot of it is just simple curiosity.

This blog has a backbone of ideals. Freedom of speech, an emphasis on intellect, a Da Vinci-like curiosity and dabbling in a plethora of subjects, the idea that the creative experience is a catharsis (an Aristotelian derivative), a free mind, and freedom of expression are all important.

This blog is also centered on a part of a philosophy of life I've developed over the past couple years, and that is simply that 1) one must become as fully immersed in the world as possible, 2) the intellect and reason are of highest importance, 3) it is one's duty to put something back into the world (a progressive action) and not just leech off it, not questioning anything, 4) there is no such thing as talent; anything can be learned and acquired if one tries hard enough, and finally, 5) productivity, progressive action and creativity are all the end product in a system in which the mind takes in information, remodels it in the best way using reason, and regurtitates it into a positive form (which is the goal) - be it a novel, an essay, a manifesto, a painting, a demonstration, a protest, or a speech.

Very similar to the above philosophy is that of the American progressives - that people are capable of changing and enlightening society so that it is best. I extend this to personal life as well. As such, I am much of an activist, and you might see a lot of causes on here.

And finally, this blog is an experiment in intellectual exploration. I want to bring back the intellectual curiosity of the pre-Alexandrian Greek world. This blog isn't just about me, it's about you, too. YOU need to be engaged as well. Posts aren't always absolute or chronological - things can be constantly edited. Suggestions, contributions and discussion are always welcome. You can derive a new idea and open a whole world.

This blog isn't meant to always be serious, either.

Anyway. I guess I promised not to be too idealistic, but there I go again with that. This is the last post like this I'm gonna make, I promise. :) But I hope I gave a better idea of what this blog is supposed to be, in practice.

Any suggestsions? Thoughts? Am I confusing? Is this too ambitious?

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wassonii said...

Not confusing. Not too ambitious.
Spot on.
Buckled in and ready...